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Jo Kwon (2AM)

Birth Name: Jo Kwon

Nicknames: Kkap-kwon, Ballengie, J-kwon

Birthday: August 28, 1989

Birthplace: Suwon, South Korea

Age: 23

Height: 173 cm

Weight: 53 kg

Blood Type: A

Education: KyungHee University (Music Major)

Likes: Movies, music, singing, and the Internet

Position: Leader, Lead Vocalist, Face of the Group

Twitter: @2AMkwon


  • He is an only child
  • When he was little, he sang trot songs and earned money from his relatives
  • Audition song was Lee Jung Hyun’s “Wa”
  • Received a 9.5/10 on his first audition
  • Was a trainee in JYPE for 2567 days (2001-2008)
  • His parents never went to the company to complain, unlike other trainees’ parents
  • Closest friends in OneDay are Jaybum and Nichkun
  • During the trainee days, he practiced his dancing with Jay
  • Sunye’s nickname for him is Jo Bahleng
  • The JYPE staff calls him “Director Jo” because he knows everything about the company
  • Favorite singers are JYP, J-Lim, Beyonce, and Usher
  • Role models are Stevie Wonder, Usher, JT, and Whitney Houston
  • Loves to play piano/keyboard
  • Hair is naturally wavy
  • Used to be 170 cm, but grew 3 cm after drinking a traditional medicine
  • Waist is 26 cm
  • He is a Christian
  • The cleanest member of 2AM
  • His room is full of dolls from fans and cosmetics, and he has pink bedsheets
  • Whenever he’s nervous, he pouts his lips
  • He has never been in a relationship before
  • Kwon and Sunye have been friends since 2001, at their auditions
  • Favorite foods are kimchi and sweet and sour pork
  • Loves to collect coins, CDs, and shoes
  • His vocal teacher is J-Lim
  • He can speak basic Chinese and Japanese
  • People who call his home and talk to him always say that he sounds like a girl
  • After Kwon worked out a lot for two years, he shocked a lot of people with his body, and they say that his face didn’t match with it
  • Can’t rap, but he can talk very fast
  • Very flexible, especially in his waist
  • Feels that SNSD’s “Gee” and Wonder Girls’ “Abracadabra” are his own songs
  • JYP always comes to his mind when he sings a ballad
  • Trainees would ask Kwon for permission to go out
  • Secret’s Song Ji Eun said that Kwon was scary during her trainee days
  • Got the nickname “Kkap Kwon” after performing as the Wonder Boys
  • Is a part of Wonder Boys, Boys Generation, Bracademy, and Dirty Eyed Girls
  • Elders love Kwon and call him “Jo Kkap” instead of “Kkap Kwon”
  • Kwon was a fixed guest on Sebwaki and Star King
  • JYP called and yelled at Kwon after watching his kkap performance on a TV show, and his reason was that Kwon can’t do that because he is part of a ballad group, but, after a while, he gave up rejecting it and let him do his dance
  • Kwon was upset that people that he made the “kkap” image on purpose
  • He replaced Jaybum on Nodaji when his problem occured
  • Replaced Nichkhun on We Got Married, and got coupled with Gain from BEG (Oct 3rd, 2009)
  • The Gain and Kwon couple was called the “Adam Couple”, and was the longest lasting couple on WGM (one year, three months)
  • His ideal girl is cute, friendly, and understanding of his job (his example was actress Choi Kang Hee, and he has a mug with a picture of her)
  • 2PM calls him a “mental advisor”
  • 2AM says that he is the most passionate and frugal member, and that they don’t mind him being the leader because they don’t want all that work
  • He and his parents used to live in a basement with only one room
  • His first solo single was “The Day of Confessing my Love”
  • Is a fanboy of actor Won Bin
  • Has always dreamed of going bungee-jumping with his future girlfriend

- Jodie

So many facts… but I’m not sure if they’re all true or not. If one of them isn’t, then please tell me!

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